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Smartphone Compatibility List

Please see the table below for phones that have been tested and confirmed to be compatible with Mi-DISPLAY functionality.

  • If your smartphone is not currently listed, it may still be compatible with Mi-DISPLAY but not tested yet. This list will be updated as new smartphones are released.
  • The information below does not guarantee full Mi-DISPLAY compatibility as functionality may change based on software or operating system updates. Please ensure you have the latest version of your device operating system installed.


Mi-DISPLAY function does not work when I connect my Smartphone.

  1. Ensure you only use genuine or certified USB cables
  2. Ensure the USB cable is connected to the right USB port in the vehicle denoted with the smartphone icon.
  3. For Android phones, please ensure you have the Android Auto App installed on your phone and the latest version of the  Android operating system is installed.

Voice echo in phone calls – Android smartphones

Certain voice assistant functions may cause echo so it is recommended to turn off voice assistant functionality when using Mi-DISPLAY. Consult your phone manufacturer’s instructions for assistance in doing this.

My phone charges slowly when connected to Mi-DISPLAY

The Mi-DISPLAY USB connection not only provides an on-screen interface for your phone but will also charge it. Please note that available charge rate is 1A so depending on the number of functions being performed by the phone, for example Navigation and Audio Streaming, the charge rate will be reduced compared to charging while not operating Mi-DISPLAY.

Why does my Apple phone’s Bluetooth connection disconnect when using Mi-DISPLAY

When using Mi-DISPLAY, phone calling and audio player functions are performed via the Mi-DISPLAY interface.

Mi-DISPLAY does not work when iPhone is locked.

Go to settings > General > Carplay > Your Car > and select “Allow CarPlay While Locked”