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Corporate Governance

Directed seeks to continuously enhance its corporate value by being a great employer and responsible corporate citizen responding to and anticipating the needs of our customers, suppliers, staff and broader community now and in the future.

Work Principles

Directed is committed to ensuring that it’s corporate governance framework, principles and practices reflect a high standard.

Key frame work principles include:

• Ethical Code of Business Conduct

• Compliance Management

• Internal Audits

• Financial Management

• Quality Assurance

• Vendor Management

• Employee Management

• OH&S

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Core Values

At Directed we believe we are judged by how we act and our reputation is defined by how well we execute our Core Values.

Our values are based on what we aspire to be as a business and how we behave and engage with our employees, suppliers and customers.

1. Excellence in everything we do

2. Be passionate, Passionate people help deliver successful outcomes

3. Continuous Innovation is key to our future success

4. Embrace our brand partners, Act like we own them

5. We will be Accountable for actions and Decisive in our decision making

6. We will be Honest and Ethical in all of our discussions, we will always act with Integrity and Respect

7. Product Performance and Quality ensures future longevity

8. Embrace cultural diversity, Respect for the individual and the Opinion of our colleagues

Corporate Social
& Environmental Responsibility

Directed is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility are adhered to as a company and also by our supplier base.

Directed seeks to continuously enhance its corporate value by being a good employer and responsible corporate citizen noting the needs of the broader community now and in the future.

Directed is committed to minimising our impact of our sourcing practices and business operations on the environment.

As a leading technology distributor we produce zero industrial waste, nonetheless we still monitor the internal impact our of daily business operations.

From printing on recycled materials and minimising overall document printing and office waste, we are conscious of our environmental impact.

Supply chain code of conduct & ethical sourcing

Directed ensure that all suppliers agree to the terms of and meet the minimum requirements of our Ethical Sourcing Agreement. Suppliers must fully comply with all local laws and regulations regarding labour, health, safety and the environment. This also includes the legal requirements of the countries they operate in.

Our Ethical Sourcing Supplier Requirements Policy ensures that the following code of conduct is met by all of our suppliers:

• Employment is Freely Chosen

• Child Labour Shall Not be used

• No Illegal Labour or Human Trafficking

• No Harsh or Inhumane Treatment is allowed

• Wages and Benefits are paid as per Legal Requirements

• Working Hours are not Excessive or in breach of Government Legislation

• Suitable Safe and Hygienic Working and living conditions

• Occupational Health and Safety Management

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Directed Australia and New Zealand
is a Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance ISO9001 & ISO14001 Approved Company.

Our commitment to Quality, Performance and Service is the driving force of our success.


Charitable Foundations

Directed has a corporate and ethical responsibility to support those in need and fight causes that affect our friends, family, co-workers and the broader community.

As a company we support numerous causes and a number of charity institutions.