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The smart watch that gives them independence – and you peace of mind.
Thursday 9 December 2021

They love Pixbee at Kidspot, so much that Jenna Martin gave it to her son to road test while at his grandparents. Check out her take here.

The new technology helping parents to keep kids safe.
Monday 6 December 2021

Pixbee is put to the test on Channel 9’s A Current Affair. Reviewed by leading Technology Journalist Stephen Fenech, Pixbee is used in a real-life situation by a busy Sydney family. You can view the clip here.

9Now.nine.com.au Review
Monday 6 December 2021

On the 9Now website, Pixbee and its advantages are discussed. Check it out here.

Top 10 Best Kid Smartwatches.
Friday 3 December 2021

Pixbee made it into Kid Spot’s annual leader board as part of its Top 10 Best kids smartwatches. Check it out here.

2021 Holiday Activity Book Feature.
Wednesday 1 December 2021

Pixbee made it into KZone’s Unboxing section, where new toys and kids tech are featured as the ‘coolest loot in town.’ You can check it out here. Pixbee was even made a fun game in the KZone Activity book and appeared in the publication’s Gift Guide. Check it out here.

Christmas Cracker Giveaway.
Across December 2021

Pixbee is part of a giveaway across the WFSM Sydney Network in their Christmas Cracker section. Pixbee was announced as a prize to excited recipients.

Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert Technology Review.
Monday 22 November 2021

Award-winning tech reviewer Djuro Sen gives a positive overview of the features and benefits of Pixbee. The clip can be found here.