Directed and Isuzu Trucks Partnership Drives “Isuzu CONNECT Telematics” Exposure




15th September, 2014. Directed Australia’s development of Isuzu Trucks’ “CONNECT” Telematics continues to drive business performance and brand profile for both companies. Developed by Directed for Australia’s leading truck maker Isuzu with both the driver and fleet manager in mind, Isuzu CONNECT Telematics ensures both the driver and truck are interconnected with a full support team from the dispatcher to service manager – THE INTELLIGENT CONNECTED TRUCK. “Isuzu CONNECT” and “Isuzu CONNECT Plus” use an advanced and complex network encompassing GPS, GSM, servers, sensors, Google Maps, Satellite Navigation and much more in order to keep the driver safe and informed and home base constantly posted on regular activity updates.

Isuzu CONNECT Telematics systems include features such as Live Tracking, History Trip Playback, Geo Fencing, Fleet Reporting, Remote Management, Engine Management Data and more.

Isuzu’s confidence and support of their Directed Electronics developed “Isuzu CONNECT Telematics” is currently being demonstrated via their wide reaching above the line advertising campaign promoting the Isuzu “INTELLIGENT CONNECTED TRUCK” to a wide audience via a national billboard, radio and web advertising campaign.

Click here to download the Isuzu CONNECT Telematics brochure. Click here to visit the Isuzu CONNECT Telematics web site.